Apple Bound….

Wowza…get to see Jessamyn this weekend. Hoping the snowstorms have left New York.big-apple First visit since I helped her move to Brooklyn back in the Fall.  Can’t wait to see what she’s done with the place. She’s got a new couch.

Is it too light to be Lilly friendly? Did she get coat hooks? Find somewhere close to get groceries? Has snagged me a guest pass to her schmantzy Equinox gym and we’re supposed to do a spinning class on Sunday. Bike shoes in my wheelie bag.

Plane is pretty full, and the precious overhead cabinets reaching capacity even if the seats aren’t.

“If you have rollerboards,” said the gate agent, “please leave them here so we can check them for you.”

“Do they come out on the carousel?” asked the woman in front of me.


“It’s the Sabbath. I have to have it with me.”

Interesting discussion that I miss the conclusion of as I tuck into my seat. Not so expert in the religious laws myself, but certainly there are some contradictions there. No luggage carousel, would mean no cars. Will she walk home from JFK?


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