Running Hot and Cold

Snow on the ground in Telluride surprised me. Warm sun immediately afterward surprised me. During the  long wait to get in to hear Oprah I put my coat hood on my head not because I was cold, but to protect the part in my hair.

I went from summer headgear–a cute straw cowboy hat  with faux turquoise in front–to winter hat–a gold knit cap–several times a day.

Cap. Hat. Cap. Hat.

We hat rain, sun, snow, and hail, all in the same day. “Weird weather,” everyone said, and then glanced at my Facebook to see a five-year old memory of this very day. With snow on the ground.

The really surprising thing about this weather, though, is that I was prepared for it. The phone may give me the weather, but until I feel the blast in a jet bridge it’s too easy to miss something.

In this case, I had both summer and winter hats. I had the cute New Yorker umbrella–thank you, Ellie–and I even brought the winter boots.

Relieved not to need those.

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