Caring is Sharing…Bikini waxing and all…

So many details involved in moving….the schlepping, the packing and unpacking, window coverings, parking permits, parking regulations, parking tickets!

My car in fact, was towed from in front of my new place the day the moving truck arrived in San Francisco!  A helper was apparently as frazzled as I was and had the nose out into a neighbor’s driveway.

But once you are moved in the challenges have only just begun…

Where are going going to get coffee? Go to the doctor? Exercise? Drug store? Dentist? Get your hair done? Pilates? Get your bikini waxing??

Sure you can glaze your eyes looking at Yelp, but what you really want is a personal recommendation. I’ve been lucky to have some people help me out. Doc in Manhattan Beach gave me a referral here. My dentist came from the wonderful Kayla. Linda got me to the SF Comedy College.

But some recommendations are so personal. “Would you like my appointment with Nakia?” asked my daughter Jessamyn when I could hardly walk as I caring for my dying mother….and so I had got the kind of massage that frankly doesn’t feels breezy at the time, but puts the parts of your body back where they are supposed to be, compared to the awful jumble mine were at the time.

Jessamyn also got me to OnPointe Pilates with Kaitlyn, introduced me to avocado mash at Jane–hold the jalapeno and my hair has never looked better than when tended to by David Y, so good he doesn’t take new clients. I got in under the wire. If my nails look great it’s because of Tootsie Toes.

Jessamyn has even been generous enough to share her friends.

Shannon and Robin, do you see me waving??

And then there’s the really personal stuff…tending to the lady bits.

Yes, bikini waxing.

Again put my trust in Jessamyn, for all things beautiful. Heading off to the sun soon and so headed to a visit to Erin Dupree, who has, I believe more stars than any Yelp constellation. Once I had a dentist who used the tag line, “gentle dentistry”, which made me laugh.

Gentle bikini waxing seems even more a contradiction in terms.

How does she do it?

Life is ever full of mystery.



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