Ice Cream for Everybody!

“I’ve got this great new plan,” says your teenager with excitement, “I’m going to make a bunch of fabulous changes in my life.

“I’m going to get a car. A nice car. And I’m going to take a vacation. And I’m getting rid of my annoying old clothes. Some of them are kind of itchy, you know.

“It’s all about natural fibers, that’s what I’m doing now. None of those pesky 39% natural fibers. And simpler, I want a simpler life. No more seven classes a day and homework, and music lessons and the part time job at Big Boys. From now on, I’ll do four classes. Three on Fridays. And music lessons. But no job at Big Boys. Instead of  35% of my time on homework I’m going to spend 15% of my time on homework.”

“How is that going to work?”

“Pesky details, I’ll figure those out later.”

“I am not paying for the car, the vacation, or the clothes.”

“I don’t expect you to.”

“So where is the money coming from?”

You wouldn’t buy it from your teenager….

Why are we adults supposed to buy it from the President oft the United States?

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