Where’s the Red Bra….?

“It is nice,” I agree about the blouse with the lace back, “but what am I going to wear underneath?”

“A colored bra,” says Shannon. “I’d would probably wear black.”

“Or red,” says Jessamyn. “Red is a little daring, but it’ll look great on you. Go with red.”

I have pinged Jessamyn and Shannon to be my fashion consultants at Sandro, a snazzy boutique on Fillmore. Have had my eye for a couple of months now on a lovely cross-stitched blouse. Even on sale it’s a pretty penny, so I’d like another opinion. Jessamyn and Shannon approve the blouse and then scan the racks. They pull out a Navy dress with a fabulous lace collar, and a leather jacket with fringe, and the blouse with the lacy open back.

The navy dress is great, but too short. I’d never have pulled the leather jacket, but I like it too. The blouse with the lacy back is the biggest surprise.

So pretty. Even though I am….not just old enough to be Shannon and Jessamyn’s mother, I AM Jessamyn’s mother…it looks nice. Really nice.

So today I braved the lingerie store.

“I’m looking for a red bra.”

“Sorry,” the woman said, “it’s the wrong season for red bras.”

Sure enough, as I glance around Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie on Union Street there is just one lonely red bra–the dregs of Valentine’s Day– a bit embarrassed on the sales rack. Always new things to learn in life. That lingerie colors have seasons is something I just don’t know. Like how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. Or what a “safety” is in football.

Back home I’m actually happy since shopping for bras, especially fancy bras, is stressful. You have to take off your clothes. You have to answer the question: “What size are you?” And so I dodged that, for now.

But here in my closet is the new pretty blouse with the lace back. My three nude bras clearly will not do.

What I am I going to do? It’s a summer blouse of course, don’t want to wait for Valentine’s Day to come around again to wear it.

What about purple?

I like purple. Purple might look good, is clearly a statement.

Anyone know when purple bras are in season?


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