Sky Fall…

(Who’s car is this, anyway?”

You couldn’t have a bike accident with a nicer group of people.

Chris called her husband to come scoop me up. Nina rode back to the restaurant where we had lunch, looking for ibuprofen. Laurie B. and Silvia whipped antiseptic wipes out of their repair kits.

Nancy used those wipes…gently…on my elbow and shoulder.

After the shock and surprise….no bones sticking out anywhere, and only a few drips of blood from my elbow. I knew I was going to be okay. Wanted to encourage the gals to go on with their ride…they had another 20 miles to pedal and the wind was blowing ever harder. But I knew better. These women were definitely not going to leave me by the side of the road.

Saint Bill put my bike and Nurse Nancy’s in his SUV. Six years ago on a bike trip in France she also helped me after a fall, that one on stairs in a medieval castle…there wasn’t going to be stitches in my elbow this time, but there would probably be x-rays of my wrist.

Back at the hotel, Linda loans us her mini-van.

“I’ll drive,” Nancy says to me, “if you navigate.”

Odd to use Yelp to select an urgent care place, but 4.7 stars is 4.7 stars. They saw me in a hot minute. And were super, and reasonably priced. Only one surprise: “When was your last tetanus shot?”

When was my last tetanus shot?

I’m scratching my head on that one, pretty sure it was a few years ago—they are good for ten—and call to confirm as Nancy shepherds me back to the car. All of the hullabaloo has inconvenienced everyone tremendously and we don’t want to be late for dinner too.

Nancy opens the car door for me and even buckles my seatbelt since my good hand is holding my cell phone and bad one is wearing a brace.

Tetanus shot was October 25, 2014. BINGO.

A black man’s shirt is draped over the console. Weird. The car is dirtier than I remember….maybe I can pay attention now that I know I’m not broken.

But….the seat is really cushy…kind of old. Linda’s car…like Linda herself…is understatedly snazzy.

Nancy opens the driver’s door and gets in.

The feeling is one like I’ve sipped orange juice while thinking it was milk. Something was clearly off. “Nancy, are we in the right car?”

She turns around to look at the back and bursts out laughing.

Linda is an economist. Among the items in the back of the back of the car I’m sitting in: lumber, an air compressor, tool box, tool belt, a table saw, and a space heater.

Our best laugh of the day.

We made dinner on time. Although I’m sure there was damage to the bike, Tracy talked with the bike shop and they are giving me a $107 credit.

When you have your next bike accident, you might want to plan it for when my friends around.

(Who’s car is this, anyway?”)


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