One-to-One Correspondence

Three dogs.

(Molly guarding her Himalayan treat, brown dot behind blue bowl.)

Three Himalayan treats.

Simple, right? Nothing for them to argue about.

Marlowe and Greta got down to the serious business of gnawing.

Molly though—Ariel’s dog who is vacationing with me—wanted to save hers for later. She’s thoughtful like that. But a Himalayan is a high-value treat—made with Yak milk even—and with good chew-management it can last two days. Molly searched for a safe hiding place.

She pawed at her bed, wanting to bury it.

Not secure enough.

She looked at the toy box.


(Greta the thief.)

Molly walked around with the precious Himalayan in her mouth, thinking the same thing I was. Greta and Marlowe have access to precisely the same territory she does.

Finally she made a decision.

Molly quickly ducked into the crate/end table—she has never gone inside before—and placed her Himalayan treat in the far back.

Then she reclined on the carpet in front of the door to guard it.

Marlowe and Greta, meanwhile, were chewing away, oblivious. Their treats were NOT going to last two days.

Marlowe is stronger, but Greta is wilier and more determined. She will sometimes steal Marlowe’s Himalayan from him. With two in her mouth she cannot actually chew them.

But she likes ownership.

Hard not to see the parallels to human behavior in all of this.

As anticipated, Molly’s plan was not sustainable.

Soon enough Greta had the Himalayan.

Molly didn’t argue…not an aggressive hair on her head…but she had a pathetic expression on her face as she watched.

When Greta went for a sip of water, Molly saw her opening.

(Greta gets a drink. Molly makes a move.)

Possession! Molly still wasn’t quite ready to chew. Had to kill it first.

She spent ten minutes jumping on it, pawing at it. Throwing and catching it, giving it all of the attention her 11-pound self could muster.

Greta, meanwhile, watched in puzzlement.

With reality like this, who needs paid entertainment?


Three dog night….all that chewing/stealing is exhausting.

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