Princess Leia dies….legend intact

Carrie Fisher is four months younger than me.fisher

WAS four months younger than me.  Sigh.

She crammed so much into those years, difficulties and joys and insights and, especially, laughter, or the ability to give it to others.  But her death after a heart attack, feels so different than, say John Glenn’s a couple of weeks ago.

This one is too close for comfort.

As a newlywed, I saw Star Wars the weekend it was released, after waiting in a huge line. Much later I was lucky to see her perform Wishful Drinking, her one-woman show about her  life. The bit about her complicated family and how everyone in Hollywood is related to everyone else, almost made me pee my pants. My daughter, who got to come along, was surely glad I didn’t.

Carrie Fisher didn’t shy away from truth. But she didn’t grit her teeth at it either. Like Nora Ephron, whom she often worked with,  she could use humor as both weapon and cloak.

Heaven will be a better–and funnier–place now that they can work together again.


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