Twice is a Tradition?

potatoWhat are your Christmas traditions?

For us, it’s presents in the morning. I make fondue after presents. David brings sugar cookies. Sabrina makes fudge. Daddy does the ham. (Big change-up a few years ago from turkey, but made Christmas day hugely easier.) We talk to Danny on the phone in Michigan; he and Daddy always compare temperatures.

After dinner it’s a game that everyone can play. Our traditional favorite is Taboo, but that isn’t a firm requirement–the way Mama’s coffee cake for breakfast always was. A couple times way back when we played charades. Once it was Settlers of Catan. And last year or two we played Cards Against Humanity….I always kept my phone nearby so I could look up the unfamiliar slang–queef?–on Urban Dictionary.

And now, I realize, we’ve also got another tradition: baked potatoes on Christmas Eve.

Baked Potatoes are an easily expandable offering–we never know the precise count until last minute–and I know that asking for a commitment will turn someone into a no. Although simple, having an array of toppings makes it feel festive. Anything with bacon is special. And except for the bacon pan, no real clean up. Especially appreciated on the 24th because we know what’s coming tomorrow.

This will, I believe, only be our third year of baked potatoes on Christmas Eve, but it feels like an established tradition.

Makes me feel especially careful of doing anything new around the holidays because I often think if people like it, Will I want to do this in perpetuity?


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