Animal Magnetism, and Human

It’s the time of year for sparkles. I’ve got the Kate Spade knee-highs with silver threads and the

cat-eye nail polish

cat-eye nail polish

body lotion that twinkles just a bit.  A couple Christmases back I had a necklace that blinked, but the battery pack went the way of all battery backs.

I usually don’t go for sparkly nail polish, but Tootsie Toes had some that looked perfect for the holidays. “Brand new colors for us,” said Vi.

So here I am sitting in the little chair, relishing the few moments with Vi when I’m not thinking about how many Christmas cards there are yet to address. Not thinking about whether I can get the puppies out before the rain starts. Not thinking about the shopping list that I haven’t gotten to yet. A white-elephant gift that everyone will like? Really??

And then I notice that Vi is holding a little square something up to my just polished nail.

“What is that?” I ask.

“It’s a magnet. That’s what brings the sparkles to the surface.”

Now I am really not thinking about those Christmas cards. “It’s a magnet that does it?”

“Yes.” She demonstrates on the next couple of nails. Immediately after application the color is matte. With the magnet there is a subtle and beautiful sparkle. And after curing it’s even prettier, like a subtle tiger’s eye, that sparkles this way when you turn your hand to the right, a little different if you turn it to the left.

How is that for a metaphor for life?

Hold a magnet up just so and sparkles appear.

What is my magnet?  What is yours?

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