What are they Thinking?

dylanLast month 200 folks in Tampa walked out of an Amy Schumer concert after she started to bash Donald Trump.


When you go to an Amy Schumer concert–as I was lucky enough to do last month–you get someone who is outspoken, funny, irreverent, feminist, and hugely political. You know that. I know that. Anyone who goes to an Amy Schumer concert should know that.

You buy a box of cornflakes and inside: Cornflakes.

She does a great show, she controls the stage in an amazing way. Heckle her and she will toss you out. Yes, parts of her show made little old me uncomfortable. Does she really have to say pussy every other word?? But that’s who she is, what she does. She does it for a reason. If I couldn’t deal with it I wouldn’t go. I accepted a touch of discomfort to experience her talent in person.

And now Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize for literature. The prize committee selects someone who is amytotally out of the box in every way.

The public is charmed. Delighted.

But he says he is not going to attend the ceremony, and folks are upset.

When he is just Bob Dylan being Bob Dylan.



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