Quotes for today

About Donald Trump:  “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” Salena Zito in Atlantic Magazine.

“What I’ve learned so far tonight: America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it’s pretty fucking racist. ” Patton Oswalt

Like Lincoln, I would like to believe the ballot is stronger than the bullet. Then again, he said that before he got shot.

― Sarah Vowell, Assassination Vacation

The function of freedom is to free someone else.

― Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winner in Literature, author of Beloved

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.

― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Coming to terms with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee is like being told you have Stage 1 or Stage 2 cancer. You know you’ll probably survive, but one way or the other, there’s going to be a lot of throwing up.
– Christopher Buckley, author of The White House Mess

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