Going Solo

If the worst part of being single can be loneliness, the best part may be the glory of solitude.

Does this look like dinner?

Does this look like dinner?

The ability, without shorting anyone else, to have things your way. Only one seat left at the movies? Fine. I’ll take it, if it it is in the first row. I’ve been able to sneak onto two popular trips last minute–Grand Canyon and Antarctica– because there was a single spot left.

My fave dinner spot is Pizzeria Delfina on California Street. It’s a favorite of many others also, and even when there’s a line out the door I can usually sneak in  because there’s a single spot at the counter.

When I was married and things weren’t the way he wanted there would be a huge harrumph…he might wash the dishes in the sink extra loudly or tromp on the stairs to call attention to displeasure about a pair of shoes left there. (It is of course vaguely possible that I was not always gracious about all of his foibles either.) Vacations were a huge negotiation, where both of us felt like losers. For him, who was constantly on the move for work, any additional travel was an imposition.  For me, once we finally had the time and the wherewithal to do a nice trip, I was frustrated that he wouldn’t enjoy it with me.

Thought about this after arriving home from Morro Bay the other day. It was dinner time and I was tired. I was hungry too, but even the walk to Pizzeria Delfina was too much.

Nothing in the refrigerator instantly jumped out as “dinner.”

But I was a hungry and wanted to eat something.

I had a good banana and some excellent salami from the Cheese Plate. And so that was dinner.

It only works if you’re single.



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