Has There Been a Woman on the Moon YET?

When she was a little girl, Jessamyn asked me that question all the time. Sometimes every hillaryday for weeks.

It made no sense to her that 12 men, but no women, had walked on the moon. In her world things changed—improved–in very speedy fashion. Last week she was in the second grade, this week she’s in the third grade. Yesterday she had both front teeth; today she doesn’t. Last month training wheels, now she’s doing tricks on her bike.

So if there is an obvious inequity in the world, why don’t they just fix it?

Who “they” is and how it should be fixed was a more complicated question.

She knew that girls are just as smart as boys, smarter even sometimes. And she was very aware of inequities in the world.

“I didn’t know a man could be a doctor!” she said when I took her with me to my ob/gyn appointment. I smiled at that one. Her pediatrician was a woman, and both girls loved their dentist: Dr. Susan.

With Hillary now on the fast track to the Democratic nomination, maybe Jessamyn’s future daughter daughter have a whole different set of questions.

Like, “Why can’t I have ice cream for dinner?”

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2 Responses to Has There Been a Woman on the Moon YET?

  1. Sue Stoffel says:

    funny your blog landed in my inbox by crazy coincidence, and I realized I knew you…
    I hope you and Jeff and the girls are all well. I have fond memories of our time in Zurich when the girls were so young. Laura is getting married in September, Amanda lives and works in LA for Gagosian, and Carla just graduated from Tufts Veterinary and is working for the OIE in Paris. What I remember most was your awesome Great Dane. Would be great to reconnect one day.

    • Karen Ray says:

      Wow…what a coincidence. Are you in Zurich or the US? I’m actually on a plane to Zurich–first time in years!–at this very moment. Will send you an email. Thanks for writing. Cheers, Karen

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