Some of you may have heard about a Basketball Game…

Well maybe you’ve been hearing about the big basketball games. Tonight is start of the gameNBA finals. Cavaliers vs. the Warriors. The other day was Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma Thunder.

Game 7.

I knew it was a big deal only because some people in my family care a lot. Some don’t. I’m a “don’t”, but try to go with the flow.  We are hanging out at my sister Alicia’s house. She hasn’t been feeling well. Sabrina and David want to watch the game. A lot. Sabrina keeps asking Siri for the score. “It’s a four point game,” says Sabrina, “Now it’s a six-point game,”

Alicia is asleep.

“Which remote does what?” asks David. There are three remotes on the table.

“You have to get the right source, I know that,” says Sabrina. They are pushing buttons willy-nilly to no effect.

I’m hopeless with this stuff, can barely turn on my own television, so, to be helpful, I text my nephew Prestin at college in Chicago. He texts back which remote control is which. Still no joy, so I give him a call. With an actual telephone. While David and Sabrina juggle the remote controls and their frustration, I go another route.

Fire up my little Macbook Air, dig the password to Xfinity out of my password vault and soon enough Sabrina and David are huddled around the baby screen of my computer.

I’m not watching.

But I am some smiling.

Sometimes persistence trumps ability.

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