Mother’s Day Gear-up…

Well, “normally” we’d be in serious gear-up mode for Mother’s Day.

Shirley Carson Ray

Shirley Carson Ray

Alicia would have already ordered the flowers from the three daughters. Alicia likes flowers and loves getting to order them…always some variation on pink. We would reimburse for our shares later. I would be figuring out where we should go for brunch. Got to reserve early for Mother’s Day. Somewhere with food that everyone will like and not too noisy so that Daddy can hear.

Sabrina would do the head count. Will any of the grandchildren be available? or will it be just “us”.

None of that this year.

I had been worried about the first Thanksgiving without Mama. And certainly the first Christmas, but somehow I had missed the idea of the first Mother’s Day.

But am sure thinking about it now. The idea of loss is so odd. Some days are okay-ish and then someone asked me a basic question about family history and my mind instantly went to, I need to ask Mama about that.

Sigh. The funniest things catches one unawares. She would like that her ballet school is being transformed into a beautifully restored home. It was always her goal to “save” an old Victorian from destruction.

Enjoy this Mother’s Day…never know how many you get.


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