Where am I?

Sitting in the airport waiting to get on the airplane….@

Looking for the wifi. So weird, it shows where I used to be, not where I am now….

But I’ve been moving fast lately. Sunday morning ducked out of the nasty weather bike ride in NY. Came home to SF early, then scooted up to Napa to see my dad. Then Sacramento to see my sister.  Then home to unpack and repack. Now off to see friends in Manhattan Beach.

Tapping my foot at the computer and the wifi network. So much moving around and then I realize that…. head slap….the computer does know where I am.

Even if I do not.

Speaking to you here through SFO FREE WIFI.

Somehow thought I was already at LAX, since that was “home” airport for 15 years.

Clearly need to stay in one place for more than a few hours so the old brain can catch up.

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