Thank You Michael…!..or Angels in New York

Yesterday was one for the record books. On my Fitbit I had 25,284 steps, 277 active

The Find My Phone app, with location of my phone!!

The Find My Phone app, with location of my phone!!

minutes, and 10.59 miles. (And you wondered why there was no blog post…!?)

In NY with friends in advance of 5 Boro ride on Sunday, and yesterday was a training day, though much of it more anxiety-filled than fun. Five of us rode Citi bikes along the East River and into Brooklyn, and across the Brooklyn Bridge. The bikes are designed for quick errands, half an hour or less, not touring, and they are tanks designed to put up with the vagaries of NY roads and people who don’t know what they are doing.

Only had near heart attacks three times. Once as Linda said to turn left onto a wrong one way street. One prolonged period riding across the Brooklyn Bridge…my bell didn’t work and excited tourists meandered constantly into the bike land.

But third time was the worst. We shoved the tank bikes back into their cradles, making sure to get the light so that they actually were accepted.

I removed my small purse from the front basket and do inventory.

When you have a new baby it’s checking to make sure all the fingers and toes, and everything is in place.

IMG_5820When you traveling, it’s checking the wallet and hotel key and cell phone are in place.

“My cell phone is gone.”

“It can’t be,” said Nancy. “Dump everything out.”

Right there on the path near the river, I dumped all the contents out of my purse. The flash of pink almost had me fooled, since my wallet and phone case are both hot pink. I like pink. But it gone gone.

My mind raced….tucked into the sleeves on the phone case is…WAS…my driver’s license, two credit cards, and a hundred dollar bill. Geez.

Where is an ATT store? Where is an Apple store? How to activate Find my Phone? Do I cancel the credit cards NOW?  Nancy called the phone for me, but there no answer.  I called Jessamyn from Nancy’s phone and asked her to activate “Find my phone.”

It actually felt like the world shifted on its axis to help me. Tracy sped back off on a bike to look where we’d been riding. Jessamyn got on the computer and found where the phone was. “Now it’s moving.” She registered the phone as “lost.” Nancy, Silvia and I went to an AT&T store. The guy there told me to call the police since we knew where the phone actually was.

How am I going to fly without my driver’s license? Should I go buy a new phone now? The credit cards?

Happily I didn’t beat myself up about it…it was an accident. It happens.

I called the police, and I watched on Nancy’s phone as my phone moved from the river to between 7th and 8th avenue.

Jessamyn called Nancy.

“This lovely man has your phone!”

His wife found it on the path, and called Jessamyn through the app.

We jumped in a cab.

Rang the bell on 19th street. Went up the stairs and there it was, my cheery pink phone.

I pulled the hundred dollar bill out of the case and handed it to him.

“No,” he said, “just return someone’s phone if you find it.”

“I will, but for your wife.”

“Thank you,” he said, “but no. Have a good rest of your trip to New York.”

And all was right with the world.IMG_5823


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