The Dog Canister

Do you know what a bear canister is?IMG_6868

It’s for hearty souls who go out packing in the back country and need to keep their food safe from bears. A canister that keeps the smells in and the bears out, at least theoretically. Have heard tell that they have to redesign those canisters often because those clever bears keep figuring out how to get inside them.

Well, my problem is the clever dogs!

They can jump up and pull something down from the counter, as I wrote about in the last post. And in fact Mr. Marlowe stole another bag of treats…this time from a bag buried in my purse…later the very same day.

So now I’ve come up with the idea of a dog canister.

For a day trip to Napa I put the food and treats into an old coffee can, a screw top one.

Because I already know that my little guy can open a pull off top.

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