Flipping the Switch

collarFor the last week Greta and Marlowe have been wearing bark collars, the kind that spray citronella when the dog barks.

But I hadn’t turned the things on. Trainer dude suggested that I wait a week. Because of course puppies are smart and you don’t want them just to behave only when they are wearing the collar.

Early this morning while they were still in their little beds I filled up the collars and used a coin to switch the little knob to “on.”

I was ready, more than ready, for the magic to happen.

So we walked to a coffee shop. I watched carefully….and if anything they were worse than usual. Of course they don’t like the spray. But they don’t have the connection between the barking and citronella.

At this moment everything is quiet. No barking. The collars are empty, all barked out.

And I’m wondering why do I think that dogs will learn cause and effect so much more quickly than people?

The box says it will take a few days.

That would still be faster that most of us.

No such thing as magic. For dogs. Or people.


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