Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary!

Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary

Do you love to read? Do you know WHEN you loved to read? How it came to be? Did you

fall in love with a particular book, or character?

For a couple generations of us the writer was…is..Beverly Cleary.

She turns 100 today, living in a care home in Carmel, and is officially the “drop everything and read” day. Her dozens of books have sold nearly a hundred million copies. One of the first authors of real-seeming children–Ramona, Beezus–she is so beloved that appreciations are appearing everywhere, including  The New Yorker, CNN, The New York Times.

My Grandma Myrtle was a third grade teacher for many years at Lone Star School in Fresno and then then at John Wash School in Sanger.

When I was in the third grade, Beverly Cleary visited Grandma’s Myrtle’s school. I was so excited, I got every one of her books from the library at Browns Valley Elementary school. My favorite was The Mouse and the Motorcycle, about Ralph S. Mouse who lives in a hotel. It was so exciting, Beverly Cleary in person!

Not at my school, mind you, at Grandma’s school, which 200 miles away.

Still, it felt like a real personal connection.

A connection most of her readers still feel.

Myrtle Ray

Myrtle Ray

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