On the Wrists of Babes

“Those little puppies are so cute,” said the little girl, “are they the same breed?”

Marlowe could care less about technology. He just likes the attention.

Marlowe could care less about technology. He just likes the attention.

“They are brother and sister,” I said.

“But are they the same breed?”


“And that one too?”

“She pointed at Molly.”

“She’s a mix-up, partly the same breed. We think.”

It’s a conversation I’ve had before, but I was finding it hard to pay attention, because I kept staring at her wrist.

“Is that an Apple watch?” I asked.

“Yep,” she said, kneeling down to pet the puppies for a couple minutes, and then went on about her seven-year-old business, paying ball with the other kids.

The first Apple Watch I’ve ever seen. And it’s on a seven-year-old, wearing a hot pink band! Does she know how to handle notifications? And manage all of the screens? Coordinate Siri, and set up mirroring with her iPhone. Probably.

And it wasn’t a big deal that she had the hottest new tech gadget. It was just, “yep,” and then on to wrestling with the puppies.

Somehow I’ve gotten used to little kids with iPhones and toddlers in strollers playing on their parents’ iPads—or maybe their own iPads.

But it still feels weird when little kids have the newest tech device before I’ve even seen one. (Counting the days until November myself when I’m eligible to upgrade my phone.) She seemed like a nice little girl. She likes my puppies after all. And that’s completely normal.

I should’ve asked her for a demo.

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