Is Marijuana Medicine?

“What have you got there, Marlowe?”weed

At ten months old, my little Papillion is an explorer. We recently had to reinforce fencing in my courtyard since he figured out how to jump—circus-dog style—up through a tiny opening in the fence. On walks he’s always on the lookout. He will pick up rocks, a stray plastic spoon, ornamental fruits, pretty much anything.

But I couldn’t see what he had this time.

Usually I let him go, since if I try to take something away that makes him want it all the more, but hard to say from my end of the leash if it’s something dangerous.

Swooped him up to investigate: It’s a small plastic container of medical marijuana.

Such a sea change society has gone through from the demonization of marijuana that it can actually be medicine. Although still a Schedule 1 substance, same as heroin, under the Controlled Substances Act, four states have legalized cannabis and about 20 have varying regulations for medical marijuana or decriminalization.

“Is Marijuana Medicine” is the third part of a documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta tonight on CNN.

One of the stories he features is of Haleigh Cox, now five, a girl with severe epilepsy. She was having hundreds of seizures a day, uncontrolled by medications, which presented their own problems. When the Georgia family was told their little girl had about three months to live, they packed up and moved to Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. She began a treatment of cannabis oil four times a day and once at night. “Every time she smiled I knew we did the right thing, because we hadn’t seen her smile in years,” says Janea Cox of her daughter.

The family was recently able to return home Georgia with the change in law there. Though the law is still quite restrictive to a few ailments.

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