It’s all about the licking…

It’s four o’clock, Axel is going to want out….and, mostly, he’ll want dinner.IMG_0561

Oh, right….

It hits me over and over again, that Axel isn’t here any longer.

Appreciate the many condolences for Axel who may well be the best pug ever….not that I’m partial or anything.

Audrey forwarded a picture of baby Axel, with us and big brother Forbes. Axel was so tiny, Forbes was so big, and we were so young. She took care of him for the occasional weekend, as did Anita, who liked him so much that soon she had a puglet also.

Nancy remembered how, at Ariel’s high school graduation party Axel kept lick Forbes’s eye

On throwback Thursday no less...

On throwback Thursday no less…


Linda remembered how he would lick her toes. “I was flattered.” Danny remembered how Axel would lick up after Forbes when he’d take a drink.

Do you sense a theme here?

All about the licking. Some dogs are chasers, some dogs are jumpers, and some dogs are lickers.

No doubt about which one Axel is.

Sitting in my living room now with three sleeping dogs.

Never thought that would seem to be one too few.

His favorite octopus. His first toy and we rebought it--he liked to dismember it--several times.

Axel’s favorite octopus. His very first toy and we rebought it–he liked to dismember it–several times.


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