Do You have the Program?

“Do you have the program?” the man asks his wife.sedona

“You said you didn’t want it,” she says, “so I left it in the car.”

“I wonder if there are more programs here.”

“You said you didn’t want it, so it’s in the car.”

The couple, married some number of decades, is sitting next to me in the Mary D. Fisher Theater on the first morning of the first day of the Sedona Film Festival. Perhaps ironically, the film we are about to see is Diplomacy, about a tense negotiation at the end of WWII. Hitler wanted to blow up Paris before his troops left. The explosives, in fact, were already in place. Why are negotiations on little things so often such a big deal.

“I’m all about marital harmony,” I pipe in, “Would you like to borrow my program?”

“Thank you,” says the man.

“I asked if he wanted it,” she said,  “and he said no, so we left it in the car.”

The paper program isn’t the only thing that got left in the car.

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