Karen and the Mystery Book

Have you ever lost something?soul

The more you can’t find it, the more you want it. No, the more you need it.

The more imperfect your life is, and the more essential to find it, whatever “it” is. And when you find it, normal life will again be restored.

Maybe it’s your glasses. Maybe it’s the garage door opener. Maybe it’s your cell phone or car keys. Or the birthday gift for your granddaughter. (Whose birthday is today!).

For me that item was a book.

The cover is light green. It was recommended by a friend, a few months ago. I much enjoyed the first chapter. No. Not enjoyed, but felt like the author was speaking to me. Just me.

In the chaos of life though, I kind of forgot it. And then really forgot about it. A couple weeks ago a yoga teacher did a little reading from the book, which was of course just for me.

Where did I put it?

Not on the nightstand. Not this bookshelf. Or that bookshelf. Or the other one. I never loan books out until I’ve finished them. So I decided I rebuy the book on Kindle.

But what’s it called?

The cover is green. There’s a horse on the cover…I think…

I asked the friend who recommended it. But she recommends many books, and couldn’t remember.

So I looked through my order history on Amazon. Nothing. Went down to the Barnes and Noble and scoured the psychology section….green books, horse….nothing. I thought of a similar book, turned out that one is in “Self-help”. So I also went through the self-help section, which is much larger than psychology. Who knew?

I can solve this, I know I can.

It has the word “soul” in the title, doesn’t it?

So I did a different Amazon search, “self-help” book “soul”….part way down the page, there it was! Mint great cover…galloping horse! Others must agree since it’s got 1,978 Amazon reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. Bought the Kindle version right away, so I wouldn’t lose it. Again.

If only everything could be solved so easily. Taxes…? Use logic and there you go. Cancer diagnosis. Deductive reasoning. Unhappy marriage, simply apply the Sherlock technique.

Now let’s see if the book is as good as I remember.



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