“Dear Jon…

“Say it isn’t so….

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

“Oh yes, I know it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re quitting …you’ve been hinting. And trying out other things….I just loved Rosewater, and the idea of Rosewater, that you took a leap to do something entirely different and it was so good.

“I’d say more good things about it, but that would be pandering. And you hate pandering. Pantying…that would you like. If only I knew what that is.

“Of course I’m being selfish. We all are.

“Every couple days I catch up on recordings of The Daily Show, always with my adult daughter—happy birthday, Ariel!

“It’s bonding time. And a way to catch up not just with what’s happening, but how to react to what’s happening. To see illogic skewered, pomposity revealed and full frontal snapshots of the naked emperor, all while enjoying a rollicking laugh.

“So what if half the time we skip the interview.

Can’t wait to see what Jon Stewart is going to do with THAT!   Is my first thought when political weirdness comes down the pike….

“And now I’ll have to give that up, along with a very secret goal, an aspiration so private that until now I’ve never mentioned it to anyone….to become the oldest ever Daily Show Correspondent.

“Still, I can watch tonight.

“And I will.

“Cheers, Karen”

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