Be it Resolved!

Love the quiet time between Christmas and New Years. The craziness of preparing for2015 Christmas is done. The press of presents, all of that driving.

And I never plan anything special for New Years. It’s just too crazy. The pressure to have a good time is ridiculous. I got an email from Uber that they up their rates this evening…. they call it “surge pricing”, in order to keep enough cars on the road. And who wants to be out there with all of the drunks?…the New Year has already changed in China, and 35 people were trampled to death in their equivalent of Times Square.

Restaurants always jack things up. Years ago when I lived in Switzerland we were skiing in the mountains over New Years. It was impossible to find anywhere just to get a bite to eat. Seriously, absolutely impossible. All of the restaurants, every one, had tripled their prices and had complicated menus that kids would have no interest in.

But I love a challenge. Found a deli and bought a precooked chicken and a loaf of bread and cheese and we ate in the hotel room watching a movie.

Glamorous? No.

Memorable? Yes.

And so far this quiet time, I’ve weeded the closet, three bags of clothes out the door. And I’m studying up on the Groupons for gym memberships. Ever looking to try something a little new, a little different.

“Resolutions for next year?” I asked Ariel.

“Bah!” she said. “You?”


“I have a suggestion for one,” she said. “How about organizing all of your passwords?”

“Good idea,” I said….and mentioned one I needed to enter into my Keeper.

“Do it right now,” she said, as we waited for Tin Roof to deliver my cheese sandwich.

And so I did.

No time like the present to start on life improvement. Even if it’s just one password at a time.

Happy New Year.

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