Marlowe Speaks

“Oh man, today was fun. Every day is fun, but today was especially fun.

"I can sit. Even if he can't."

“I can sit. Even if he can’t.”

“After breakfast Mom took us to the park. At first it was just me and Greta. We had to bark at a bunch of people who kept walking by. Just walking by our park, can you imagine?

“And then a giant dog came to play with us. But he didn’t even play. He just stood there. His Dad told him to sit. And he didn’t.

“But I did! I did the nicest sit you ever saw and the man didn’t even notice.

“This giant dog is two and a half years old, he couldn’t even sit. And he’s scared of us.

“He jumped up on the bench even.

FullSizeRender“We can jump on the bench too. That’s easy, and we’re only six months old. But you can’t have any fun by yourself standing on a bench. Nothing to sniff up there.

“Then some more big dogs came and we had so much fun. Except once three of them got too close and Greta screamed. I tell her, it’s better just to run. We can run faster than them. Just zip under their legs. It’s nice being small.

“And we’re cute. We know that. Everyone knows it. SoFullSizeRender why do the people keep saying it all the time?

“Maybe we’ll understand that when we’re bigger. We won’t get bigger, but we’ll bet more grown up. And then we’ll understand. Learning is like that. You have to be patient. I used to pee in the house and now I pee outside. Mostly. My mom is very patient. Mostly. But if I even think about peeing in the wrong place, she can move so fast. Even as fast as us.

“The dog park is so fun.

Dinner is fun. Playing with other dogs is fun. Walks are fun. Bath time is not fun. Getting your nails cut is the worst. But if you make a big fuss sometimes FullSizeRenderthey stop. So that’s good.

“The park really is my favorite. Except for chewing on pens and pencils.

“In fact, I’m going to go chew a pencil right now.

“Please don’t tell my mom.”

"Writing implements, YUM!"

“Writing implements, YUM!”

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