I had FOMO long before I even knew what it was.fomo

Back when I was a kid, my grandfather might offer to take me out on Saturday morning. But then I would miss watching Roy Rogers. And Sky King, my favorite Saturday morning shows.

How did I not know that term—Fear of Missing Out—which so clearly applies to me?

And, I gather, to lots and lots of other folks, so much such that it’s all over the web. As of last year, it’s even in the Oxford English Dictionary.

I first learned it on the bike ride in October. “You don’t have to ride every single mile you know,” said our leader. “Better to enjoy what you do ride, than to be competitive about it.”

Social Media has clearly exacerbated FOMO….we see all the fun things other people post and think: Why am I home doing housework? Paying bills?

This obsession with keeping up, the newest clothes, the hottest deal, the musician coming to town, the tickets to a sold out show, attending every party. Doubling up on invitations. It’s obnoxious, really. In others and in myself.

But they say that the first step in changing something is to acknowledge it.

So from now on: No Mo FOMO.


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  1. Seema says:

    Wish I could get this message to my students…social media FOMO is no joke!

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