Thankful for puppies….

It’s not Thanksgiving unless the house is overfull of both food and people.

Axel before his episode..

Axel before his episode..

We had the food, we had the people, and we also had the puppies. On Thursday at my parents’ house in Napa we had seven dogs. Yes. S-E-V-E-N.

And that’s with me leaving Axel at home. He’s an old grandpa dog now, officially 17 years old, that’s 110 for you and me. Sweet as ever, he’s mostly deaf, mostly blind, and pretty arthritic, and so it seemed wise to leave him at home in the good care of Kathy and her son Michael.

Still, with Greta, Marlowe, and Molly, Ariel and I more than fulfilled our dog quota. My parents have two little Yorkies Tommy and Eddie —Eddie is the one with the up Ears, that’s how you tell them apart. Jessamyn has Olivia the beautiful Papillion, and newest on the scene is David’s Rosie, an 11 week-old Rottweiler. She is sweet and lovable, already the size of the three Papillions put together. But still learning her manners, she hasn’t quite got that when she asks another dog to play: “No means, no.”

So fun, all the dogs, all the cousins, all the food. All that Thankfulness.

Princess Olivia

Princess Olivia

None of the dogs got stepped on. No serious disagreements.

Among dogs or people.

And then I got the phone call on Friday.

Axel was having a seizure.

Geez Louise.

Axel is 17. I knew something was coming down the pike. There was a reason I left him at home. But a seizure?!

Whew. Ariel and I jumped in the car and drove back from Napa to Los Angeles last night.

Axel recovered and the vet can’t find anything wrong with him…except that he’s 17, and a little anemia, that she thinks is a bad blood test.

We’re redoing that one. Usually in a senior dog a seizure is a tumor in the brain, but no sign of that.

At this moment Axel is chilling in the sunshine.

Another thing to be thankful for.

Rosie the Rottweiler...Doesn't she look embarrassed?

Rosie the Rottweiler…Doesn’t she look embarrassed?

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  1. Tim DeVoogd says:

    I enjoyed your comment on Frank Bruni’s opinion piece on flying (I too firstly don’t find the flying public as grumpy as he does, and I also appreciate that the real cost of flying is now a fraction of what it was 30 or 40 years ago.) Then I came to the blog and have read and enjoyed the first two articles so far. [I’ll be taking a 1:30 am flight out of Bogota in two weeks. What do you recommend eating?] Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seema says:

    Poor Axel!! Hope he’s ok Karen!!

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