Heat Got you down? Go see a Movie!

It was a three-movie week around here, and the winner—no contest—is Gone Girl.girl

The mystery by Gillian Flynn was wrist-sprain inducing novel, and the movie has her fingerprints all over it, and it should; she wrote the screenplay.

There were gasps when the Arclight gal announced a run time of 2 hours 29 minutes. But director David Fincher—Fight Club—needs every one of those minutes to tease out complicated plot.

The morning of his fifth wedding anniversary Nick Dunne—Ben Affleck—after grousing to his twin sister about the lousy state of his marriage, finds things going from pot to fire.

His wife Amy—Rosamund Pike—goes suddenly missing and Nick is the obvious suspect in her murder. Fans of the book…and they are legion…will be happy-ish.

The major twists are all here, and some of the fishier red herrings have gone overboard. Obvious trims have to be made, even to get the story down to two and a half hours.

And creepiness abounds.

In a book it builds, but here it’s obvious…in a good way.

You’ll be happy not to have these people in your family. Far better to enjoy them in an air-conditioned movie theater.

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