Bikini Waxing…Men Give it a Try

Is going not-quite viral called going bacterial?buzz

If so, that’s what’s up with the new men-try-bikini waxing video on BuzzFeed.

The idea is that men will give it a try to see what women put up with. All of the men…no surprise are attractive. They all expect it to hurt, a touch, but they’re good sports to give it a try. Like trying on a “pregnant suit” to see what that feels like.

It kind of reminds me of…an example from the Pleistocene…the episode of I Love Lucy  when Lucy and Ricky decide to trade places….Ricky takes care of the house, and Lucy goes to work. It’s a classic episode, totally hilarious, one of the most famous in which Lucy is wrapping chocolates and the conveyer keeps going faster and faster and she can’t manage things, ends of shoving both her hat, and her face full of chocolate.

This video is kind of like that. Funny. Light. The men are surprised at how much it hurts, to realize that women actually do this regularly…the video is hilarious….but they’re all glad to have been to brave. One of them is dancing at the end.

But of course it’s so funny because it’s so true. A guy gets laugh and applause for getting one bikini wax as, at my home in former times, the guy got applause for cooking dinner. Once.

One time.

The woman cooked every night. No applause.

The woman is expected to get bikini waxes…and that part isn’t so fun or so funny…as she’s expected to do all kinds of other annoying or painful things. So the best thing to do…as I have here with the title…make it into a joke.

Everyone likes jokes.

Jokes are easier than looking behind the joke.


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