Update Smupdate


Is it coincidence that my iPhone has just now developed a twitch?

And that new OS is just available? Plus a new iPhone model out?

How do they do that? Send out little voodoo spells? Or obsolescence so precisely timed?

My screen has been freezing at a 45-degree angle. Really. Showed it to my in-house tech goddess and even she hadn’t seen that before either. It’s been getting really slow, and battery running down too fast.

And am I doing about this?

Besides charging too often?

I am screwing up my courage to update software, that’s what. Every time this happens stuff changes.

Something that used to require a right swipe, will suddenly require a left swipe. Or the maps go wonky. Or…well something. They promise lots of things will be fixed. Like the police can no longer easily search my phone. Or my naked pictures can no longer be hacked from the cloud.

Anyone hacking my account looking for naked pictures is going to be really disappointed.

Sharon asked me the other day if I was getting the new iPhone 6?

“Nope. My 5S still feels new…it’s less than a year old.”

But that was the other day. Right now it’s not feeling so new.

Every time I look at my screen, that little red number nags at me like a scolding nanny, telling me that I need to update. I need to update. Update now. “This update is the biggest release since the launch of the App store, with hundreds of new features….”

The New York Times tells me, “Upgrading to iOS 8 on an Old Phone? Prepare for Trouble, but Do it Anyway”

My finger is hovering…I’m ready go. Really I am…

And then I see the little notice that I can’t update because I don’t have enough storage space.

Clearly, I should’ve gone to yoga today.

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