Three feet please!

Bicyclists are safer in California today, at least if drivers are paying attention.three

As of today drivers must leave three feet between themselves and bicycles to pass the cyclist. If there isn’t three feet, then the driver needs to slow down until it is safe to pass.

The paying attention part is tricky, though, as often the people who need to know about the laws are the very ones that are least likely to. Once a driver complained to me about cyclists: “They seem to think that they can ride on any road.”

“They can. We can. Except for Interstates…and sometimes even then…bicyclists have as much right to the road as a car does.”

But every year in California about 100 cyclists are killed by cars. Hope the law helps that. Of course there are some impolite cyclists, as there are impolite people of every stripe, but we cyclists are so much more vulnerable on the road that cars are.

My problem with the new law: The fine is only $35.

Much less than a parking ticket.

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