Scenes The Telluride Film Festival…

*“It’s nice to see you again,” said the usher at the Palm for the Imitation Game.

“Don’t think we’ve met,” I said.

“Sure we did. You’re from Oakland. A director. Very interesting.”

“Not from Oakland. Not a director. But interesting I think…”


*Lounging on line….waited two hours to get in to see Mommy. Amazing Canadian film, won the Jury Prize at Cannes. We didn’t have to wait that long, but you never know. Director Xavier Dolan spoke briefly before film started. “I hope my age isn’t held against me.” He is 25!!! Astonishing film from anyone, not to mention a 25 year-old.

*Food management. Saw three films yesterday. Hard even to find time to eat. While Randye held our places for Mommy, I dashed to town for ‘breakfast burritos in a bowl’ from the Steaming Bean and we had melon I had cut up at home. Everyone is in the same boat. Woman behind, offered us cheese. Yogurt is going bad in my purse. The only good part about getting aced out of seeing Birdman, is that we had time for dinner. First real meal in a couple of days.

*Money management. A festival pass, the most common ticket here costs $780. By the time I wrapped my head about the schedule everything, including work opportunities, was full. So I’m winging it, along with Randye, who is in the same boat. So far I’ve seen six films and paid a total of $50. It’s $25 to get in to a single film, but the kicker is that you only get in after passholders. Forget seeing Wild with Reese Witherspoon in attendance. Better luck with foreign films—Mommy—or ones where the word hasn’t yet gotten out. Saw the Imitation Game yesterday…absolutely amazing, everyone is talking about it…so they will put on extra shows, and be harder to get into. And there are also free films. I saw The Magician, about Orson Welles, at the tiny Backlot—50 seats—where everything is free. And outdoor screenings are also free.

“No filming or recording of any kind!” we are cautioned at the screening of Foxcatcher, with Channing Tatum and Steve Carrel. They make a big deal about this at big Hollywood sneak previews. “There really is security here, with night vision goggles! So absolutely no electronics out of any kind.”

They needn’t worry. This is such a film crazy place that if anyone pulls out a device the audience members would tackle him.

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