Meet my New Pals….

Welcome to Greta and Marlowe, nine week-old bundles of cuteness.

Greta is on the left. Marlowe on the right.

Greta is on the left. Marlowe on the right.

They are Papillons, so named—French for “butterfly”—for their large and expressive ears.

It’s work having a baby of any species, and these guys are no exception. But so fun.

“Don’t let them do anything cute while I’m away!” Ariel and I tell each other whenever we leave the house, or even the room.

But surprised, cuteness abounds, even if you aren’t there to see it.

Shortly after the Grand Canyon I picked them up photo 3from the breeder in New Jersey. And get this…during the entire trip back to California, complete with change of airplane, they didn’t mess up their carrier. Nor let out a peep from under the seat in front of me.  I took them out for water and potential clean-up during plane change in Minneapolis. And Greta politely went on the floor of the bathroom, right next to the drain!

"Why do they get a crate and I don't?"

“Why do they get a crate and I don’t?”

Thanks to the many who suggested names. Appreciated all suggestions. Jessamyn came up with Marlowe and I wanted something to go with that.  Clearly I have an affinity for old-fashioned names—previous pets were named Agnes and Stella—and “Greta” seemed to do the trick.

They started out with me at two and a half pounds. Marlowe is a couple ounces bigger, and although Greta has plenty of beautiful fur, Marlowe has even more. He is wriggly and tests boundaries. She is a bit more cautious, cries less, and figures things out first.

And now…back to cuteness.

"It's exhausting being a puppy."

“It’s exhausting being a puppy.”


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