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Shift Happens

Fat raindrops on the window nearly obscure what’s happening outdoors. I’m sitting at JFK–warmly INSIDE– waiting for a flight. The New York trip was all about the 5 Boro bike ride this morning…in rain and cold. Note: RAIN. More than … Continue reading

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Happy New School Day

“When is your father’s birthday?” The question is whispered to me early in the week. “December 15,” I say. “How old is he?” again with the whispering. Daddy is so hard of hearing, there’s really no need to whisper. “Eighty … Continue reading

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Five Kids. One Summer. Many miles.

When we were little, all five kids, cat-and-dog of us had amazing adventures. It seemed normal then, our gallivanting on a frayed shoestring. My brother Danny and I argued about which was better, or worse, to have at our feet: … Continue reading

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Name That Nationality

One of the travel games I play with myself is “name that nationality”. People speaking animatedly with their hands? Italian. But that’s easy. Two men who harassed me at the ATM. Roma, or gypsies. Saw a woman give her friend … Continue reading

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My Fellow Americans…

“Would you like me to take your picture?” I asked. “Oh, would you?” It was an American woman and her two daughters, ex-pats, living in the Hague and in Paris on vacation. Reminded me of when I was an ex-pat … Continue reading

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