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It takes a Village…to find an iPhone….

“I can’t find my phone this morning. Anybody know where it is?” wrote Daddy on the family email. “Neither Shirley or I can hear well enough to hear the ring when we call it.” Lost iPhone, a scary problem. I … Continue reading

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Sometimes I hate the computer.

It should be simple to access the online forum. I’d done it before. A few times. I’m taking a class online and needed access to the site. “Sorry….” I kept getting the same bloody error message. I tried a different … Continue reading

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Visit from the Technology Fairy

“Make a list for me,” Ariel instant-messaged me a week ago. “Okay,” I said. A day later: “Have you made that list?” “Making the list….One my list.” “LOLOL” I kept the list on the computer, adding to it, occasionally, like … Continue reading

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Travel Technology…

Technology bits and bats, and bytes, makes travel so much easier and more pleasant Before leaving for Egypt I tossed the appropriate adaptor and converters into my suitcase. I downloaded audio books onto my computer and regular books onto the … Continue reading

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Silent Auction…now more Silent

“This is so fun,” said Kim, playing with her electronic gadget. “Love mine,” said Mary Lou. We are staring at our gadgets instead of conversing. “Dang,” I said staring at my own little screen, “Someone beat me!” We’re not being … Continue reading

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