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Chocolate Cake, I’m just Making a Chocolate Cake

Seriously, Karen has not been cooking enough! I realized that as I went to make a chocolate cake this morning. Where is the mixer? Why isn’t the oven heating up? My flour is expired. The Hershey’s syrup has expired. My … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day…

Didn’t remember until Jeff brought me a cup of coffee in bed. Nice. Obviously tuckered from riding 100 miles yesterday. Details after I gather a bit of energy… And drink my coffee….love and Happy mother’s day to all. Karen

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Back when we were defined as mothers….

“I know you.” The woman pointed at me. I stood there at the restaurant, dumbfounded. I did NOT know her. It was a table drop-by on the way out of dinner at a restaurant. But a mutual friend was there … Continue reading

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