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It takes a Village….no, it takes TWO Villages….

Last spring it was a vision clinic—“eye camp,” in local lingo— in the little village of Kanai Khurd in Rajasthan, India, population 997. That went well and we learned a lot, getting prescriptions and glasses for 127 people so this … Continue reading

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“Where’s Your Bindi?”

“Where’s Your Bindi?” Goldie asks me in a tone half-way between panic and scolding. “On my face?” I reach up to feel, but that little fashion dot has gone missing. I had it on this morning. We are on our … Continue reading

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Being Human

Givraj Sen is 19 and a good looking young man. And that’s important. The very first thing I want you to know about Givraj is that he is handsome. Because the second thing I’m going to tell you about him … Continue reading

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Clinic Photos – Day 2

We saw 142 patients today. Turnout complicated by harvest which is very much in effect. So we had a tractor visiting people in the filed and then a baby taxi would take them to our clinic so they could get … Continue reading

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Clinic Photos – Day 1

On day 1 we were able to serve more than 150 people for vision and cardiac services. There were twenty referrals for cataract surgery. We had both female and male clinicians. We held the clinic at the school and they … Continue reading

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