Microscope on Blog History….

Like lots of people I can dish out my own advice better than I can take it!

Said I try not to poke and prod too much into why some posts are “better” than others….but watch me poke and prod.

Why is it that Biking and Bikini Waxes is SUCH a popular post? I finally figured out that someone shared a link to it on beginnertriathlete.com—as an example of why guys need to wear black bike pants. So some triathlete guys have been wandering over here…however briefly.

Welcome, guys….we don’t bite….

FAQ: How long does it take to ride your bicycle 100 miles?  is popular because people put that question into a search window….and end up here….

But what is it about Prevarications and Propaganda, manipulation, misrepensentation, gabbing and gossip  ?  Aside, of course, from being the longest title in all of blogdom? Posted back in June, so not especially current. Relates…natch…to lying and self-deception….but have found no reason to why it’s being especially read now…popped up on the hit parade several weeks ago  the second most popular post in BWC history.


No idea….

But do know that no one cares about any of this except me. (every writer worth her seasoning wants to be read). And so promise for next time a real story….

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