Shobha: Bikini Wax 3

Happily Jessamyn saved me from what could have been a B rate bikini waxer.

As I sit awaiting the ministrations of Rachana I clutch,the paper describing Shobha’s waxing services and helpful hints on how to make the process easier and better.

“Be clean”. Well, duh. “As if going to an ob/gyn appointment”

“Be dry.”  No lotions

“Be hairy.”  Hair should be at least .25 inches in length.  Gads. Do they measure?  And if “you’ve let it go, out technicians, will trim any longer hairs to the proper length for the removal process.”  The things one has to think about…..

“Be period free” In addition to hygiene concerns, Apparently the body is more sensitive during and immediately before…..there’s one I don’t have to worry about.

Shobha is proud of its no double-dip policy….sticks used for waxing/sugaring are never “re-dipped” into the product that is used. Blech!  The clear implication is that other waxing salons DO double-dip, so other people cooties are back-stroking there in the wax.

“Be relaxed.” This one really does seem like a joke. “The more relaxed your muscles are the better your hair removal results will be.”

Not sure about my muscles, but this piece of paper has crumles all over it and I’ve automatically started doing Lamaze breathing.

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