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Sometimes strange things happen in life and you just have to share…

It’s been a year since I was last here, 35 years since I was first here, nearly five years ago that we sold our house. I wasn’t thinking about that, though, as I did the drive from Grand Junction to … Continue reading

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Nary a drop to drink

I stand in front of my bathroom sink, toothbrush in hand, confused. Yes, I’m whacked out on jet lag. I slept for the first ten and a half hours of the sixteen hour flight from Delhi to San Francisco. The … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect

When we met Givraj Sen last fall he was a 19 year-old chef/barber hoping for a new ear. Givraj was three years old when when an accident in his home village of Kanai in Rajasthan, India, left him severely burned, … Continue reading

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Ring Makes an Unscheduled Stop

“Do you have a trustworthy jeweler in India?” Linda Carroll asks me. That question is not as odd as it might seem. I have made two trips to India in the last last year and she knew I was getting … Continue reading

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Come with me to India for a few minutes.

  “What do you mean we cannot use the school?!”  Lokendra Singh Rathore, cell phone to ear, paces the dusty road in front of the primary school in Nimbera Khurd, a village of 819 souls in Rajasthan, India. Even in … Continue reading

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