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News from Nepal…

“Over 900 Die in Nepal Earthquake.” It’s Saturday. I check headlines periodically on the phone while I’m waiting in a grocery store line or to stave off incipient insanity, provoked by hold music. Awful earthquake in Nepal, the worst in … Continue reading

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Bringing Your Vacation Home

The raspberry jam on my English muffin took me right back to Vermont. Yum. Yum. The jam was great, but even better was remembering lunch with the Biker Chicks in Panton, Vermont, last September. We were tired of course, having … Continue reading

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Earring vacations in Nepal…

My favorite earring has now completed a one year stay in Nepal. Yes, earring. Singular. Jeff’s mother Elisabeth got them for me for our best boondoggle. George Bush—39—inauguration. Best excuse ever for shopping. I had a Victor Costa gown with … Continue reading

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Bikini Wax continues (5)….Shears!

The treatment room at Shobha is very like a doctor’s exam room, a spiffy sparkling clean no-nonsense place. As at the doc’s, I’m both nervous and uncertain about what’s in store. And, nekkid from the waist down now, knees akimbo … Continue reading

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