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Count so far today: 9,228

Knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking in London and Paris. And sure enough, my first day in London–when I didn’t even get off the plane until noon–I got 18,000 steps. Maybe I’d even set a … Continue reading

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“Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been? “’I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.’”

Here’s a tip. When you’re standing around waiting for sighting of Queen Elisabeth II, keep an eye out for the guys with funny hats. That will be your clue that her highness is soon to appear. But let me back … Continue reading

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London, Fish and Chips with Guacamole, The Last Hurrah

We knew it would happen, just knew it. Preparing to leave London this morning, pulled up the shade and there it was: Sunshine! First we’d seen in an entire week. And no time for the Jessamyn’s London Eye ride. We’ll … Continue reading

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Hotel Checkout: 8 Minutes Peace

Checking out of the hotel I noticed the guy was wearing a nice gray sweater with a Swiss ensignia. In German I asked if he was really Swiss. No, he replied. He was from, Germany, near Hanover. He’d gotten the … Continue reading

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Bikini Wax London

My head hair is shorter, perkier, and blonder, thanks to the folks at Cobella salon at Selfridge’s. Cobella also tends bikini bits. “Intimate waxing,” begin the euphemisms. “For hygiene and safety reasons we ask that you freshen up in our … Continue reading

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