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Apple: Sardarapura Road vs. Chestnut Street

Face recognition on my iPhone wasn’t working. It just wasn’t. I made sure everything was perfect with my phone before leaving home. My Indian friends didn’t like my old phone case–too obvious it held money and credit cards–so I got … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your IPhone is?

A quick late afternoon errand…need to get new athletic shoes. But first, take in the trash cans, throw the recycling in the bin. Unplug the Prius from the wall….and there’s something else… What am I forgetting? Tap foot. Something, I’m … Continue reading

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Update Smupdate

Is it coincidence that my iPhone has just now developed a twitch? And that new OS is just available? Plus a new iPhone model out? How do they do that? Send out little voodoo spells? Or obsolescence so precisely timed? … Continue reading

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I Love My iPhone

Have never loved a device the way I love my iPhone. It’s smarter than a smart phone. It’s a genius phone. *Even from China I could stay connected easily with texts, emails, maps. Even word games with my mother. “This … Continue reading

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“I’m too Dumb to have a Smartphone”

Ariel and I laughed when we overheard a guy in the waiting room saying that. But especially now, as my finger is itching on the “buy” button of the iPhone 5, I often think it’s true. We are addicted. Okay, … Continue reading

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