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Active Minutes?

My Fitbit had gone missing. Sigh. I knew it was in the bedroom. I’d checked my pants pockets. The floor. The counter. The Fitbit charger, everywhere I knew to check. Somehow seemed as if my steps and exercise didn’t “count” … Continue reading

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I walked five miles today. Does it “count”?

Alcohol does nothing for me. I don’t like to gamble. And I’ve never even tried recreational drugs. So while I have a theoretical understanding of addiction, I it kind of doesn’t seem to apply to me. When I am going … Continue reading

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136.0 – 1.0 = 136.7

“How did you do it?” people asked a year ago when I lost 15 pounds. “Secret formula,” I’d say. “Eat less. Exercise more.” It felt good, even if I did have to go out and buy new clothes, and since … Continue reading

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Count so far today: 9,228

Knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking in London and Paris. And sure enough, my first day in London–when I didn’t even get off the plane until noon–I got 18,000 steps. Maybe I’d even set a … Continue reading

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FitBit…What the heck is a ‘dongle’?

Thus far today I’ve taken 4,039 steps. So says “Fitbit”, my newest gadget. It’s just a svelte two inches by half an inch and using technology similar to Wii, it measures every step and converts that also into miles, calories, … Continue reading

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