Another Week to Go…

No room at the gym?new

You’ve noticed it too, right? And they’re hanging from the rafters, or testing the floor space, at the yoga studio. My class on Saturday was crowded with folks doing the “yoga challenge”. And then we scrunched up even farther after the start to make room for late-comers.

It’s the New Year’s Resolution crowd.

Every year, same story.

The most common resolution of course is to exercise more, lose weight. (Forty-seven percent.)

And those resolvers…75% of them can keep it up for a week. Anyone can do anything for a week. But the number goes down, dramatically, over time.

Have noticed each year the same and by the end of January, the gym is about back to normal.

And of course gym management likes it that way. They ply us with deals and specials, and two-for-ones, knowing and hoping that most folks they collect from are not actually going to show up. And that’s a good thing, because isn’t enough room at the gym for everyone.

Long-term success for New Year’s Resolutions is a mere 8%. But there are ways to make it higher. Don’t resolve to “exercise every day and lose weight.” That’s too amorphous and you probably aren’t going to do it. And no reason you have to make resolutions only on New Years.

“It’s much easier to follow a plan that says no potato chips, fries, or ice cream for six weeks,” says Forbes’s Dan Diamond. “Don’t say you’re ‘going to the gym’ but set a clear ambition like attending a weekly spin class or lifting weights every Tuesday and Thursday.”

Another trick is to make your goal very public and thus you become more accountable.

My goal is to get my closet and bathroom organized.

So there, I’ve gone public and got the accountability.

And by the time I’m finished there will be plenty of room at the gym.

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