Ending the Addiction…

Watched the last two episodes of Breaking Bad last night.

Bad has never been so good.

And what to do post-bad? In my addicted state I was rooting around for cigarette butts to satisfy myself….watched final episode of Talking Bad, which interviews the actors and creator about the series. Found a Jimmy Fallon interview with Bryan Cranston, who once wore a Walter White mask at a Comic convention so as to not be recognized.

Long conversation with my sister about the series. “Why do you think Gus killed Victor?” “Total power play on his part,” said Alicia. “He wants everyone to be terrified of him.”

“But that’s an internal reason,” I said. “He’s such a neat logical guy, he’d also have an external reason, even if unspoken. It has to be some combination of Victor being seen at Gale’s house…plus him overstepping his place by starting to cook.”

When did you last, if ever, have that kind of a conversation about television characters? But all of the characters are so interesting…Maria with her kleptomania and purple…and the fact that the purple is never mentioned makes it even better…that they feel real in a deep and satisfying way.

Even a minor character like Ted. At first he seems like a normal attractive guy. But the more you get to know him the more his sleaze oozes through.

And now that I’ve watched all there is to watch. Learned all there is to learn. Even chatted up with you…

Better get to the stack giant stack of dishes, bills, and other untended aspects of life.

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